Hoarding old tech

I don’t like throwing things out. Especially if the thing is expensive and still works as intended.

Say hello to the IBM PC 5151, one of the first personal computers.

This thing is gathering dust, and has no foreseeable use. How many of these are still out there?

Not that I think it’s worth anything, computers don’t age very well, but I don’t have the heart to destroy it.

I have a desktop from around 1998 – 2001 that is also completely functional, it cost around $1800, but nowadays even a raspberry pi is a cheaper, faster, more efficient machine. It has no practical use, but with a bit of patience, it truly is possible to still use it.

My laptop is from 2008, and it’s the same story. “With a little bit of patience…”

Since the electricity usage alone turns me off to the idea of turning them on, I have no idea why I’m holding onto these relics.

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